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Finding Loving Homes For The Cats In Our Care


Volunteer Application

Thank You for your support!

Cats in the Cradle Rescue NYC - Volunteer Application

At Cats in the Cradle Rescue we appreciate all of the work that our volunteers put in each week to ensure that the important work that we do each work is accomplished with a great degree of success.  Volunteering can be such a rewarding experience and we hope that your commitment to helping our organization will in turn be able to put a smile on your face by lending a helping hand in your community.

Please note in order to be a volunteer, you must be at least 18 years of age.  Please be prepared to provide valid ID to confirm your eligibility to become a volunteer.


First Name  
Last Name  
Zip Code  
Are you at least 18 years old?   Yes   or  No

What kind of volunteering are you interested in doing? 

(Please check all boxes to the
right that apply.)
Grant Writing Newsletter Writing General Letters
Animal Transportation (adoption events) Animal Transportation (veterinary appts) Supply Purchases
Care for animals at a  local Petco location
(about 90 mins)
Coordinating Adoption Events Coordinating Fundraising Events
Assisting @ Adoption Events Assisting @ Fundraising Events  
Do you have any experience or
training in the areas you have interest in?
Please provide two references
(no relatives please).
Do you presently own a dog or cat?   Yes   or  No

Who is your current Veterinarian?  
Please briefly tell us why you would
like to be a Cats In the Cradle Rescue volunteer:

Volunteer Agreement
(Please review, print and
sign agreement)
   Full Volunteer Application & Agreement - Cats in the Cradle Rescue NYC