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Finding Loving Homes For The Cats In Our Care


Happy Tails

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Carla was found on the street very hungry and very thin. She was actually walking up to people meowing and crying for food. She immediately received medical care and was put into a foster home. She was a petite pretty girl who sadly waited quite longer in our habitat than we thought she would. Finally she was placed into her very own home and is doing great!

Carla - Rescued by Cats in the Cradle NYC


CITCR found this handsome boy crossing the street in Queens. He went to the vet for a full check up. When he was tested for FIV/FELV He tested positive for FIV+
This made his chances for adoption limited. In the right home with proper care and a good diet he can have a normal life. Andy was fortunate and found a home that would care for him.

Andy - Rescued by Cats in the Cradle NYC





Henri James

We found James on the streets of Queens. He was lost, dirty and hungry. James went into foster care and in a matter of weeks he looked and felt better. He found his forever home and his name became Henri James. This cat who was found in the street has now become King of his very own castle.

Rescued Adopted!
Henri James - Rescued by Cats in the Cradle Henri James - Adopted !

Lucky Boy

Poor Lucky Boy was rescued from a real bad situation.  He had some How fallen down a 20 foot drop area by a school in Brooklyn.  We were able to get him into a trap and later into a carrier.  He then went straight to our vet for a total evaluation.  All things considered He only suffered his back claws being scraped really bad and a scratch under his chin.  He got lucky once again and was adopted by a nice family who changed his name to Larry.


Lucky Boy - Rescued by Cats in the Cradle NYC 

Jamie & Davi

 A husband and wife found this box of two 9 week old kittens in front of their house one morning. They brought them to the vet to get checked out. They were healthy and after being in foster care and getting spayed/neutered they were adopted together !


Rescued Adopted!
Jamie & Davi - Rescued from a box Jamie & Davi - In their forever home



On a day when we went to AC&C in Brooklyn to rescue a few cats a volunteer pointed to this very scared frightened kitten. His ears were back, his nose was scraped, his eyes were just pure terror. She had said, nobody would take him because they thought he was aggressive and would never become friendly and for that reason they may have put him to sleep.  I saw fear in those sad eyes and we took him into our care.He improved each day and he became a sweet heart.He now has a Mom and Dad, and three cat siblings.   Sparki now gives love and gets tons of love back!

Rescued Adopted!
Sparki - Rescued by Cats in the Cradle Rescue  Spark - Adopted ! 



Mr. Handsome

Mr Handsome was rescued from AC&C, Brooklyn City Shelter. His time was running out as he was 6 years old and not getting adopted. CITCR rescued him and he was so amazingly friendly we couldn't believe it. He just loved people all people. He got a super loving home and he so deserved it!
(His name was changed from Mr. Handsome to Angus)

Mr. Handsome - Rescued by Cats in the Cradle NYC


Giselle was was rescued from AC&C, Brooklyn city shelter.  She had a permanent ruffled ear due to neglecting to take care of ear mites.  She was friendly and adoptable and found a home who thought she was perfect just the way she was.

Giselle - Rescued by Cats in the Cradle NYC