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Finding Loving Homes For The Cats In Our Care


Your Donations at Work!

Learn how Cats in Cradle uses its generous donations...

Helping feral or stray cats one at a time...

Image courtesy of markuso at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Cats in the Cradle Rescue uses a majority of its donations to support our cat rescue operations, cat rehabilitation and cat adoption efforts.


How are donations used ?

Cats in the Cradle Rescue runs primarily on funds donated generously by individual supporters of the work that we are doing in the community.  We are so grateful to the many people that have opened their hearts to share our mission through their financial donations.  We take very seriously our financial responsibility to effectively use the funds donated to Cats in the Cradle.  We wanted to be able to share with our donors exactly how the donations are used throughout the year.

Here is a list of areas in which your donations are efficiently being applied:

Feral and Stray Cat Rescue Operations

  • Feral Cat Rescue Trap Kits
  • Transportation costs of feral or stray cats
  • Veterinarian Expenses - spay/neuter, vaccinations, testing, etc.
  • Food related expenses
  • Cleaning supplies

Cat Rehabilitation Expenses

  • Additional Veterinarian visit expenses
  • Cost of exams, testing and medical treatment
  • Advertising to secure safe foster housing during rehabilitation
  • Cost of additional medication
  • Cost of cat socialization experts for cats with behavioral challenges

Cat Adoption Expenses

  • Travel expense to/from potential adopters
  • Administrative expenses to review and process applications
  • Maintaining habitat environment at local Petco adoption centers
  • Providing food, grooming and cat preparations for adoption

Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Cat Adoption Events
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Hosting Cat Rescue Education Events
  • Office Supplies