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Finding Loving Homes For The Cats In Our Care


Get Involved - Donate Today!

We are a registered not-for-profit and 100% volunteer based!


    Sick or Special Needs Cat

    Description: In our line of cat rescue work we come across cats and little kittens in various conditions.  Some of our little feline friends are found sick, injured and in need of veterinary care, medicine and a safe environment to recover from their ailments.  We invite you to help us care for these special needs cats by either a one time donation or a recurring pledge.



    Cat Rescue Operations

    Description: Our Cat Rescue Operations help rescue feral or abandoned cats found in the area and we work with both volunteers and the local animal control agencies to find a temporary foster home or permanent home after they have recovered from surgery.  This activity requires a lot of time and resources and your donation in this area would help us continue our work.


    Cat Rehabilitation

    Description:  Many of the cats that we find around the Queens area are in need of rehabilitation to get them back on their feet.  In some cases the cats require socialization with other cats, some cats are in need of nutrition and all of the cats could use an extra dose of good old fashion tender loving care from either a foster parent or forever home.  We encourage you to help us to be able to rehabilitate our cats by making a donation today.