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Finding Loving Homes For The Cats In Our Care


Cat Rescue, Rehabilitation & Adoption

We don't just rescue cats, we rehabilitate them and get the ready for their new home.


Cat rescue operations involves a lot of time and resources to secure the cats and transport them to the veterinarian to conduct a complete health exam. If you have experience in this area and would like to offer your expertise to our team, please contact us today!


Cats in the Cradle Rescue team members works with local area veterinarians to conduct a full health check of our rescued cats.  We ensure that the cats are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and we keep the cats in the safe environment until they are ready to be listed for adoption.


Cat Rescue

At Cats in the Cradle Rescue the first part of our cat's journey begins when we rescue a feral or stray cat within the local Queens community.  We find our felines in need primarily through the residents of the local area, animal shelters and visiting known areas where feral cats are an issue.  Once we have safely secured the cats, the next phase involves cat rehabilitation.


Cat Rehabilitation

Cat rehabilitation helps our cats who have had little to no exposure to humans to aide in the socialization process.  In many cases, the feral and stray cats that we rescue require spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, rabies shots and medicine.  Prior to listing the cats for adoption we ensure that the cats are fully recovered and ready to be placed on the list for adoption.  During this time we enlist the help of foster cat homes parents as part of the rehabilitation process.


Cat Adoption

The final stage in our cats journey is the happy day when they are adopted !  Cats in the Cradle Rescue takes great pride in our work and we make every attempt to place our cats into a safe, loving and compatible environment based on the cats needs.  The cat adoption process includes both a phone interview and in-home visit to determine suitability of the adopter.  We also require our adopters to sign a cat adoption agreement to ensure a complete understanding of the responsibilities involved with cat adoption.

In some cases, if we find that the home environment would not be safe for the cat we decline the cat adoption application.